Care Tips - How to Make Your Clothes Last!

Posted by Stormie Leslie on

Hi everyone!

I wanted to quickly touch on how to care for your screenprinted garments, because we want these to stay looking good for as long as possible!

Here are some tips:

Use cold water to wash. In reality, you don't ever need to use hot water for any of your clothes, unless you work in a hospital or a place exposed to bacteria. Cold water will get your clothes plenty clean, and it doesn't take a toll on your fabrics! 

Wash garments with fabrics of similar texture to avoid too much friction. 

Turn clothes inside out to wash and dry. This will help protect the print and keep it from fading. 

Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals! Mild stain removers are fine.

Dry with low heat! Putting clothes in a hot dryer is never ideal (especially printed apparel - this will ruin your items!) Always tumble dry on low heat or hang up to dry. 

Never iron over or near the printed area! Our products are printed with plastisol inks, they WILL melt!

Inevitably all t-shirts fade, crack, shrink and get worn down over periods of time.  By following these care tips you will be able to keep your garments looking fresh longer, and be able to take them on many more extravagant adventures with you!

Happy adventuring!



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