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When I started Little Cottonwood Collection, providing quality products was very important to me. I wanted only the best quality threads, the best fitting shirts, and the softest and most comfortable fabrics. Everything else would follow. The basics of what make up a T-shirt are most important, not just what is printed on top. A low-quality, low-priced T-shirt could have a really cool design printed on it, but in the end it’s just a cheap T-shirt. My goal was to sell a product of the highest quality, that has a flattering fit for all shapes and sizes, is super comfy AND has a really attractive design printed on it that tells a story or connects to someone in some way to create a very unique product. Quality goes a long ways, and it creates value to every product. With these goals in mind, I did some research and found wholesalers that produce the best apparel on the planet, in my opinion. So in other words, Little Cottonwood Collection sells the best shirts too! ;) They are made in the USA and are environmental and eco-friendly, which was also a selling point for me. As a bonus, they offer so many different colors. The LCC brand is very nature driven with soft, natural color tones. Choosing the right wholesaler has allowed me to print my designs on my favorite colors, which really help shape my brand overall. Being able to find products that have premium quality, a flattering and comfortable fit, that are SO soft, with a wide variety of styles and colors ALL IN ONE has been a game changer for LCC and has really created value for my customers. I get comments all the time how great these shirts are. Order one today and see for yourself! I’ll bet it will be your favorite shirt that you’ll never want to take off... 😉


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