Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas | 2024 Shopping Guide

Shopping for cute baby outfits and accessories is arguably the most fun and exciting part of finding the perfect baby shower gift! The wardrobe basics like socks, pants, snap suits, etc, are always essential for new parents, but mixing in some more fun and unique items will help to personalize and make your baby shower gift more heart felt for the new mom and dad you are gifting to! 

Personalized Gifts

Personalizing a gift with a custom name, initials or nickname adds a really special touch, turning an ordinary gift into a keepsake that they will be cherished for many years. A few good gift items to customize include baby blankets, books, music boxes or baby onesies. For example, this custom bunny baby bodysuit would be a great clothing item baby shower gift for Spring or Easter. Available in heather blue and heather peach

Or this gender neutral Heart and Arrow Custom Name Bodysuit that would be great for a Valentine themed baby shower and can be worn any time of the year for both boy or girl. 

Did you know we can customize any item for you? Feel free to reach out and we will happily accommodate your custom inquiries! A personalized gift is something special that will be loved and cherished by the whole family for many years to come. 

Choosing The Right Size

Let's face it, babies grow so quickly and that should be considered when shopping for a newborn. Most people will gift sizes newborn to 3 months of age at baby showers, so consider buying 6 to 12 months instead. Sizing up is never a bad thing as they will eventually grow into it, and this ensures the parents will have options for the next stage of growth.

Remember to keep the season and time of year in mind when purchasing things like clothes and accessories. You can count the months from their birth date and match the sizing with the season so you purchase the appropriate type of clothing for that time of year, and also the typical weather for which they live.

For example, if you want to purchase a 6-12 month size and they will be 6 months in November, consider the climate in which they live for that time of year. Maybe you want to gift a Thanksgiving themed baby outfit and they live in Florida, a short sleeve Little Turkey Bodysuit would be a good option, for example. 

Or if they lived in Colorado, for example, a Long Sleeve Little Turkey Bodysuit might be more appropriate since the temperatures are cooler around Thanksgiving.

Don't stress!

Shopping for a baby shower gift doesn't have to be stressful or break the bank. You can start with a few of the basic wardrobe necessities, including things they have listed on their baby registry or things you know they will need. From there you and easily build on to your gift with a couple unique or more personalized items to make your gift really special and meaningful. 

For example, this I Love Big Dumps Baby Bodysuit would be a perfect baby outfit for a skier or snowboarder friend or winter enthusiast. This is a crowd favorite that is guaranteed to make someone smile!

Also available in heather blue and heather dark grey

For those friends or family members with a little potty humor, this would be a funny option to add in a gift basket for baby girl, and is sure to bring some smiles and laughs to the baby shower! This Poopsie Daisy Baby Bodysuit would also be great for a spring or summer themed baby shower, and perfect for an "oops" pregnancy. 



Consider arranging all these items in a woven basket, a cute toy bin, or a small hamper that serves as both a gift basket and also something they can use for baby. This adds a thoughtful touch and will be appreciated by the new parents you are gifting to! 

These are things to be considered when buying clothing for a baby shower gift. With these tips in mind, we hope to set you up for success and make it easier for you when shopping for a newborn. We hope this helped spark some ideas in finding the perfect gift for your next baby shower! 

Happy Shopping,

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