The Value of the Working Hand

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Today we live in a world where so many products are mass produced & distributed by large corporations. This of course is a huge benefit in some ways, considering the population growth and high demands for certain things. At the same time, this takes away from the value of these products. You just can't compare the product made from a machine to a product made from hand. There is much more value behind a handmade item. Working with your hands embraces human potential, hard work, talent, passion & pride. It brings life to creative expression and inspires others. Handmade items are not only made with care, time and good quality, but they are unique, have personality, a voice, and probably a cool story behind it. Each item is truly one of a kind and made from the heart. What's not to love?

It's so impressive and inspiring to see what people can create. For example, compare a very unique, sturdy & solid Cedar bed frame hand-carved by master artisan (insert name) made with great workmanship and elegance, or a decent quality (probably overpriced) bed frame from a large corporate furniture superstore with no character that thousands of other people have also bought. Which one has higher value and means more to you? The value of the working hand is fantastic and beyond anything that can be made by a mass production. What inspires you to create? :)


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