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With an increasing population around the world and higher demand for resources, we face more global challenges. Can you believe we have over 7.6 BILLION people living on this earth? I remember when I was a young kid the world population was 6.2 billion. By 2050 we are expected to have nearly 10 billion. Woah!

With that said, our resources are precious. It is important for us to preserve our lands and waters - which we are so dependent on - so we can all continue to thrive in the future. I don't want to have to imagine a world with depleted resources, damaged ecosystems, extinction of wildlife, and a place where life no longer thrives. 

There are many (almost effortless) ways we can contribute. Recycling, picking up trash, conserving, and just being more aware and conscientious of the environment and your lifestyle are all easy ways to help make a huge difference over time. You can also donate to many awesome charities that work hard to protect our planet. 

Little Cottonwood Collection proudly supports The Nature Conservancy, whose mission is to conserve the lands and waters on which all life depends. In respects to Earth Day, LCC is offering 20% off all orders through April 22nd! Use code HAPPYEARTH20. 🌎


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