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Supporting small business is a beautiful thing! Choosing small business and local merchants over large chain corporations is supporting entrepreneurship, employment and economic growth. It is not only giving back to your community, but also supports an individual's dream and helps make it a reality.  Often the amount of risk, time, hard work, sweat and tears poured into small businesses are overlooked. And so is the value. You can't put a price on hands-on, quality products or services driven from hard work and passion, while also developing personable and meaningful relationships that leave a lasting impression. That is something you just can't get with big corporations! For me, I try to shop local as much as possible, whether or not it's buying produce from a farm stand, coffee from a local shop, eating out at a mom and pop restaurant, or buying some handmade items at a local market. It feels good knowing you are contributing to someone else's journey while also helping the community thrive as a whole. FUN FACT:  Small businesses generate three-fifths of net new jobs in the U.S. That is HUGE! Needless to say supporting small has a large, positive impact in many ways. Show some love and support that local coffee shop, farmer, barber, whatever it is that fits your lifestyle, and help make some dreams come true! :)


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